A flexible proposal

that helps you make entertaining classes

A flexible proposal

that helps you make entertaining classes

Educational proposal

How do we convey learning?

We introduce the challenge

First, decide on which map you will work on: the World Map, a map of a continent, or a specific country.

Depending on the content you want to work on, some tools will be more useful than others. You can even customize the content, which will help you create a tailored and specific learning experience. Both the subject and the theme are the main axes of this first step in defining the challenge. How you do it will depend on what you want to explain.

If you have any doubts, go to the section of free resources where we provide you with ideas to apply in the classroom.

We introduce the challenge

We propose the activities

Once you know which tools you will use to achieve the knowledge of the unit, take advantage of them to focus the exercises in the most versatile way possible. At this point, you will see if the predetermined contents of the application fully satisfies you, or if you prefer to adapt them more to your students.

Keep in mind that the younger the age, the more guidance they will need. Also, establish a time to perform the activities and define if they are individual or group.

We place the context

We evaluate the acquired learning

Here, it is advisable to decide what the criteria or indicators are to evaluate the learning acquired by the students. For this, the activities proposed in the previous point must be structured to allow a correct assessment of the didactic objectives to be achieved.

We order and categorize
We exercise autonomy

We exercise autonomy

R We offer you an innovative tool whose objective is to improve conventional methodology.
R We propose a bridge between education and entertainment.
R Both the students and the participatory group work are the central axis of the learning methodology. This favors collaboration among students and the development of their own criteria. 
R Ideas, practices, and exercises that will liven up your classes.

downloadable resources

Practices, exercises, and ideas that will liven up your classes.

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